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Defending Freedom of Religion, Conscience and Speech

Sure, some laws and restrictions are needed, but how far is too far? We are moving inexorably in a direction where the only people being silenced are those who speak up for the defenceless. In this section, we examine the core distinguishing feature of a free society. This freedom is under threat in our nation. Consequently our defence is not merely motivated by principal, but by the litany of consequences and abuse that follow the loss of such freedoms. We consider:

  • The strengths of our Christian heritage
  • The nature of faith and the need for it to both belong and be welcomed in the 'open spaces'
  • The religiously and otherwise derived values that our social fabric requires
  • These essential freedoms of acting on conscience and freedom of speech that protect and strengthen these values
  • The dangers (and weaponry) concealed within deceptively worded legislation. We include in this consideration, 'hate' crime, religious and sexual discrimination and vilification legislation.
  • The danger of our continued subjegation as a nation to foreign powers and instrumentalities that restrict these freedoms

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Defending Family, Marriage and the Bedrock Foundations of Society.

Very few realise the level of assault our family is under attack. Most parents see the attack on their childrens minds through the popular media, the peer dominated lifestyle where family is constantly discreditied and deemed irrelevant, as well as the immense presures brought against households and marriages financially, culturally and in a mutitude of additional wways.

However the attack is not merely ideological. It is catastrophic in its consequence.

We consider:

  • The natural family and its health.
  • The foundational and fundamental need for the traditonal 'mum, dad and children' family unit as the bedrock of our society.
  • Why marriage MUST remain an institution only for the union of man and woman.
  • The implications of homosexual marriage and the societal destruction that follows, as evidenced in the 9 nations foolish enough to have introduced it. We can learn from their mistakes.

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Protecting Human Life

This is perhaps the most absurd front of our defensive battle - absurd because it should by no means even have to be fought.

We consider:

  • Abortion in its many insideous and horrific forms.
  • The mothers and their options, as well as the consequences.
  • Reproductive technologies.
  • Historical perspectives on these values

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Defence That Requires Action

What you can do. More significantly, what we can do together. Most significantly; what God can do if we'll be humble enough to approach Him
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